Donkey & Mule Training

  • Understanding and yielding to pressure

  • Saddling and mounting

  • Confidence on trails

  • Water and bridge crossing

  • Development and balance at all gaits

  • Lots of practice getting out on the trails!

  • Learning to balance under a load 

  • Partner with and learn from an experienced burro

  • Water and bridge crossing

  • Obstacles and rough terrain

About Amy

​I’ve owned and competed with equines for over twenty years, and have a big passion for taking them out on Montana trails.  Though I grew up practicing eventing, I now use a variety of natural horsemanship methods with both Western and English disciplines. 

I generally bring on only one or two equines at a time to ensure they receive the best possible care.  They are housed with my donkey in an 8000sf dry lot with loafing shed and open access to pasture.

*Records of regular worming and vaccination required  

The Basics

Interested in giving a home to a once-wild burro? 

Contact Amy about arranging to adopt a trained BLM donkey through the Trainer Incentive Program.

Wild burros need your help! Learn more about the program here, and about wild burros here.

  • Trailer loading and confident traveling

  • Picking up feet for picking and trims

  • Confidence building - tarps, balls, bags, obstacles

  • Water and bridge crossing

  • Positive exposure to dogs and other livestock

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Contact Amy at: 406-544-7074,