Grass-Finished lamb will be available starting in November.
Supplies are limited so contact us soon if you would like to reserve meat!
Katahdin Breed

I've worked with the Katahdin breed off and on since 2012, and have consistently been impressed with their mothering, self sufficiency, hardiness, and parasite resistance. Katahdin Sheep are a hair breed, meaning that they do not grow wool as most sheep do. Because of the poor value of wool on today's market, I prefer a hair breed that doesn't require sheering or tail docking, and doesn't have to spend several months every year uncomfortably overdressed. My ewes also have some Barbados genetics and came from Farmstead Hollow in Hamilton, and I am very grateful to be using a gorgeous ram from Bitterroot Red Lowline Cattle Ranch in Stevensville. 

Buying Meat

I sell my lambs in wholes and halves, and am also offering some individual cuts upon request. Please contact me for samples!


Though my Katahdins don't grow out quite as quickly as most  commercial sheep breeds, their meat is generally milder and more tender than your typical lamb. Katahdin lamb often has a little more marbling than other meat breeds, and thus cooks up with more flavor and moisture. Grass-fed Katahdin meat has been found to have a favorable omega 3 to 6 ratio and high CLA content, shown in studies to be beneficial to human health

Holistic Pasture Management
Lamb Pricing - Bulk

I utilize a Holistic Management style approach by breaking my pastures into many narrow strips using electric fencing and timing my rotations to maximize grazing pressure on weeds while protecting desirable plant species. Concentrating grazing pressure with small paddocks also increases breakdown of old litter to free up spring growth. 


My 5 acre property has some excellent forage species present but has lain mostly fallow for about 20 years, with occasional un-managed horse grazing. Nap weed, whitetop, thistle, and cheat grass are my main weed concerns. My primary goals are to increase organic matter in my soils, diversify my plant communities, and increase biomass production. Because the health of my land is a top priority, I bring in organically raised hay and alfalfa to ensure my sheep have good nutrition at times when the desirable plants need rest.  In future years, I hope to be able to provide year round feed to all my livestock by producing enough forage for winter grazing. 

Whole Lamb (large)

  • Live: $2.35/lb (avg 85 lbs, $200). $25 Delivery available for local customers

  • Butchered (Field Dressed): $5/lb hanging weight (avg 55 lbs, $230)

  • Processed (non USDA): $7/lb (avg 40 lbs, $275)

Half Lamb (avg 20 lbs meat)

  • $7.25/lb (avg $145)

Whole Lamb (small) Perfect for Lamb Roasts!

  • Live: $2.75/lb (avg 55 lbs, $150). $25 Delivery available for local customers

  • Whole Butchered (Field Dressed): $6.00/lb hanging weight (avg 30 lbs, $180)


Raw Sheep Pelt – $15

Though proportions vary, a processed whole lamb generally includes: 

2 Racks
16 Loin chops (4 pkgs of 4 chops)
4 Leg shanks (2 pkgs of 2 shanks)
2 Leg roasts (boneless by request)
2 Shoulder roast
4-5 lbs ground