We believe that everyone deserves access to fresh food and healthy land.  Whether you are looking to grow veggies, raise critters, or simply make the farmyard greener, we are here to help.

All of your farming needs in one place.

We offer new design and development as well as ongoing maintenance

Services we provide include:
Animal Management
  • Holistic grazing systems
  • Animal housing and fencing
  • Livestock selection, breeding, and management
  • Specialized care for goats, sheep, cows, pigs, rabbits, and poultry
  • Sustainable feed options
Land Management
  • Permaculture design and installation
  • Ecosystem monitoring and analysis
  • Irrigation and water conservation improvements
  • Soil testing and amendments
  • Plant selection, placement, and care
  • Composting systems
  • Greenhouse and hoop house design and care

Growing your own food is the surest way to put the absolute best on your family's dinner table!  We will work with you to maximize efficiency, production, and long term soil health in this tricky climate.


Garden Design - Trying to decide what to plant, when, and where? We can design and build a garden to meet your needs, tickle your tastebuds, and brighten up your yard.On any scale, composting is a simple and inexpensive way to transform waste into vibrant food!  We'll help build or improve your current system.

Need a hand managing or improving your existing garden or farm? Our expert knowledge in permaculture will help you optimize your yields and your land's health.