Pasture-raised Rabbits available now for $7.50/lb
Why Rabbit?


Rabbits are one of the most efficient of our domestic animal species, requiring about half the amount of feed that cattle and sheep need to produce the same amount of meat. Unlike chicken or pork, rabbit can easily be raised with no inputs of mono-cropped grains, thriving on just grass. By using mobile pens and rotational grazing, our rabbits harvest plants from a native perennial ecosystem, benefiting the soil with their manure and increasing the land’s future biomass production.


Rabbit meat is very lean with about half the amount of cholesterol and a third more protein than beef and pork. Rabbit also boasts 4 times more omega-3 fatty acids and 33% less sodium than chicken and turkey.

How to cook rabbit

Rabbit is an all-white meat with fine grain and delicate flavor. It works as a great substitute in any recipe calling for chicken or pork. As the meat is very lean, be aware that it may dry out more easily with some cooking methods such as high-temperature grilling.

Here are a few suggestions!

Why Pastured Rabbit?

Unfortunately, most commercially-raised rabbits are kept in tight confinement much like factory-farmed poultry. Breeding animals are housed alone to avoid fighting in the small cages, missing out on the companionship that is so important to this highly social species. While rabbits can live 8-12 years in healthy conditions, females in commercial operations are generally bred so frequently that they need to be replaced every 18 months. And because processing options for rabbit are so limited in the US, the majority of rabbit meat eaten here is imported from other countries (primarily China).

At Joyful Pumpkins we aim to give every animal on the farm a comfortable, healthy, and fulfilling life. We provide rabbits with spacious mobile pens, moving them twice weekly to fresh forage. Their pasture diet is supplemented with certified organic alfalfa pellets in addition to daily treats of willow leaves and dandelion greens. We give all rabbits ample opportunities to express their natural behaviors by providing them with companionship, twigs, tunnels, and boxes. Our rabbits are a cross between Californian (bucks) and New Zealand (does) breeds, and take about 12 weeks to grow to the ideal harvest size. In addition to exceptional meat, the rabbits provide soft and colorful pelts which are also available for sale.

Prices and Products

Whole Fryer: $7.50/lb, roughly 3lb each.


Pelts: Coming soon! 


Breeding Bucks and Does: $25 each, $40/Same-sex pair